Parents of Expats

With our contacts into the German community abroad, we service German expats and diplomats around the world, helping them take care of family in Germany.


With our many years of experience, we know the sorrows, questions, feeling overwhelmed – even fear – many are confronted with when their parents or other loved ones suddenly require (external) care.


Very often the own children are not prepared to face this specific responsibility.

Be it, because of a demanding career – or you living in another place, maybe even abroad.


This is where we step in to offer tangible help.


Let us be your guide:


  • In dealing with bureaucracy and volumes of paperwork

  • In mapping out a course of action for health-related contingencies

  • In mapping out a course of action to improve the level of care and medical services.

  • In mapping proving continuous assessment of medical and/ or care-related services and facilities on-site, based on transparent and objective criteria of quality-management procedures in health- and senior care.


Our independent advice and services enables us to act solely on your behalf and that of your family.


If necessary we are bridging continents for you to make sure your interests and those of your family and loved ones are represented and respected.


Regardless of your parents requiring:   

  • Ambulatory care

  • A care facility        

  • Help in re-organizing their every-day life

  • Help and support in dealing with insurances, doctors, Medicare etc.


As Executive Health Management we – together with our highly qualified local experts – arrange for the most sensible net (-work) of help and care.


We specialize in German Expats abroad with their respictive parents still in Germany who need to accommodate for living far away and/ or in a different time-zone which makes it costly in a sense of time as well as expense to help their parents like they otherwise would.



Our team in Germany is well experienced and well prepared to help you dealing with those delicate matters.


Face the responsibility.

We are here to help you with it.



Get in touch now for an initial consultation.