Caring for your parents

Your parents are not as independent as they used to be – they may need assistance, even in-home care. One day they might even need to transition to a nursing home or residential care...


  • We help make sure our clients (or their parents) can live in their familiar surroundings as long as possible. We assess individual requirements and map out a course of action
  • If necessary we provide suggestions on possible modifications to the home to enable home-care
  • We provide continuous assessment of medical and/ or care-related services and facilities on-site, based on transparent and objective criteria of quality-management procedures in health- and senior care
  • If necessary we'll map out a course of action to improve the level of care and medical services
  • We offer suggestions on when it may be sensible to move closer to family members and how to take a more active role in their care
  • Practical advice for you in your health and medical care-related correspondence.
  • Helping you understand your medical bills and the fine print of your medical documents, explaining procedures and decisions
  • Ensuring your traditions and values will be honored and your religious beliefs respected



Our fees are not covered by health insurance or long term care insurance. This means our fees allow us to offer independent advice and services, acting solely on your behalf and that of your family.