First Steps

The foundation for a trusting and professional collaboration is an assessment of your unique current situation that lead you to contacting us. Without it we cannot accept you as clients.


Our assessment of your unique situation usually comprises of:

  • A meeting to get to know you and to understand your motivation you want us to help you with
  • Preferably in person; often we also conduct this via skype
  • A meeting to get to know your parents (in Germany)
  • Proper documentation of findings
  • Identifying options for different scenarios
  • Developing a first and high-level course of action
  • Outlook on next steps, as our services are as individual as your personal needs. We offer to tailor you a customized plan to ensure your parents and other loved ones are protected and well taken care of.


This usually requires about 4 – 6 hours of time.

Price upon request


Face the responsibility.

We are here to help you with it.



Get in touch now for an initial consultation.