At Executive Health Management we are coordinating your and your family's health-related matters.

Your health is the foundation for your success and your future.

Are you fully prepared in case something happens to you and your family?

Together, we’ll plan for contingencies and develop your personal health strategy.


Let us be your pilot:

• In dealing with bureaucracy and volumes of paperwork

• In mapping out a course of action for health-related contingencies

• In mapping out a course of action to improve the level of care and medical services.

• In mapping proving continuous assessment of medical and/or care-related services and facilities on-site, based on transparent and objective criteria of quality-management procedures in health- and senior care.

„How can I help my ageing parents better?“

Rarely a decision is as difficult and feels as burdensome like this one: Your parents don’t have all the capabilities like they used to have – they maybe need assistance, solicitude, even extensive care and one day they might need the transition into a nursing home.


„Parents of Expats living abroad“

One aspect we see growing in importance are services for expats living abroad and their parents still back home.


First steps

What can you expect? What are the next steps; for you and us, both. 


We are here for you!

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